45 500 people were registered
$6 721 100 were paid according the affiliate program
$13 318 600 were paid for done survey
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What does partner program mean?
Involving to our site your friends, colleagues, etc. you get extra bonus and percentage of person`s earnings you involved.
What should I do for participation in partner’s program?
To start with you should enter the section “Affiliate Program”.
In this section you can find your partner’s reference. It looks like: http://widequiz.com/?ref=1234567
Copy this reference and pass it to people you want to involve through social web, blogs, catalogues etc. When new users get across the reference and register it will bring you revenue.
How does partner’s program work?
Thanks to supplementary code in reference: http://widequiz.com/?ref=1234567 we always know, who involve a new participant in the program.
When the user does the survey, you will get 15% of his (her) revenue.
How can I get my bonus?
You can get the money through payment system. Now we work with PayPal.
How can I change my payment information?
Payment information can be changed in a personal cabinet in the section “My profile”
Conditions of getting money:
When the sum is $1000 on your account you can get your money in 9 days. You can get your money every day at work hours GMT, after previous month application for payment will create automatically.