45 500 people were registered
$6 721 100 were paid according the affiliate program
$13 318 600 were paid for done survey
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               About Program
  Our company was created in 2013 and we successfully contribute to many advertising agencies in different countries. The product of our company is statistics, which we can gather thanks to you.
Our company offers you the program of effective partnership: “Opinion for money”.
For participation in the program you need to watch video recordings of advertisers and to fill in survey and get money bonuses. You will have from $8 to $20 on your account for each filled survey.
For your convenience, we devised the most effective affiliate program. We are interested in your friends and colleagues for more accurate statistic, so we offer you the following:

1) $8 to $20 on your account for each filled survey;
2) $18 to your account for each partner you involved;
3) 15% of the earnings of each partner you involved.